NMF visits Rental Houses to present the Raptor Scope from IB/E Optics

On June 10th, Danilo Pontoriero and Tomas Lovera from NMF visited two of Florida’s most important cinema rental houses: Mar Media and Miami Camera Rentals. To demonstrate the Revolutionary Raptor Scope FF and the Raptor Macro Lenses, all from IB/E Optics. The Raptor Scope FF is a new full-frame scope for tabletop work that will […]

NMF Presence at CineGear Expo LA 2024 @ Warner Bros Studios

Danilo Pontoriero and Nacho Mazzini attended the LA Show. Met with the brands NMF represents including RED, Colorfront, Zeiss, Laowa, IBE Optics, Iodyne, and Flanders, to name a few. RED shine under the new Nikon brand together with MRMC toys and was the main Virtual Production camera on display showing the V-Raptor X Phantom track […]


A couple of days before the REDUCATION MX we invited the students participating at REDUCATION to our traditional networking event, the Nacho ASADO. We had guests from Rental Houses such as EFD & CTT. Also, teams from Netflix, Amazon Studios, and Warner Media were present. Post-production facilities like Oxido, Center Point Post, Monkeys with Pistols, […]

NMF held webinars of Colorfront’s Transkoder new features

The NMF Team conducted 3 different COLORFRONT TRANSKODER Post Nab webinars attended by more than 250 people. The webinars were held in English, Spanish, and Italian.  You can find them available on our page:   https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/951940433 https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/948731887  

Testing Hugo lenses from Leitz at Miami Camera Rental

Tomas Lovera from NMF visited Miami Camera Rental, invited by Óscar Lobo (DP), to bring the V-Raptor X and test it alongside their Venice 2 and another Alexa Mini LF with the new lenses recently acquired by the rental: the Hugo lenses from Leitz/Leica. Colorist Óscar Martínez from Moving Forward Studios accompanied us on this […]

Alvaro Chacon and Nacho MF at Ladera Sur Show, Chile

Alvaro Chacon, ambassador of RED and Director of Photography in Chile, recently participated in the Ladera Sur show. Utilizing the Komodo X and V Raptor cameras, along with Laowa Pro2be lenses, Chacon showcased the impressive capabilities of RED cameras in challenging environments. NMF played a crucial role not only in demonstrating these capabilities but also […]

REDUCATION Mexico for the first time

NMF and RED Digital Cinema presented the first 2024 official REDUCATION at EFD facilities, led by Felipe Mozqueda from RED, Tomas Lovera from NMF, and Alex Guemes from HDLABS. We proceeded to set up cameras and computers for the presentation. The Komodo-X was on a crane, the V-Raptor 8K VV on a tripod, the V-Raptor X […]