V-Raptor X and XL X + Compact EVF

RED DIGITAL CINEMA® has released the new V-RAPTOR TM [X] 8K VV and V-RAPTOR XL [X] 8K VV cameras with RED Global Vision, both are available today at NMF. Featuring the acclaimed low-light performance, dynamic range, resolutions, high frame rates and form factor of its V-RAPTOR predecessor, the V-RAPTOR [X] introduces RED Global Vision, which […]


Buenos Aires, 08 de Noviembre 2023 – En el marco del primer día del Caper Show 2023, NMF, líder en la Industria Audiovisual, tuvo el honor de organizar la fiesta inaugural que dejó a más de 1,000 espectadores de la industria maravillados.   La velada se llevó a cabo en la espectacular Sala sinpiso del […]

NACHO MF present at “Ampliar La Mirada 2023” from ACC

In October of this year, the ACC (Chilean Society of Cinematographers) held the fifth version of its annual event “Ampliar La Mirada” (Widen the View). A week of workshops and talks about cinematography open to the public. This year, we had a gathering of nearly 500 people, who, for four days, starting on Monday, October […]


Laowa 24mm T8 2X Pro2be           [IN-STOCK]   Laowa 24mm T8 2X Pro2be – the perfect combination of versatility and innovation. The lens kit comes in 3 distinct lenses including the unique 35-degree tilt view. The Pro2be offers a maximum T8 aperture, 2X magnification and waterproof distance of 36.6cm, pairing perfectly with your high-speed cameras and […]

Nacho MF becomes a worldwide reseller for Signiant Media Shuttle

  Miami, Fl. June 26th, 2023   Nacho MF, a Latin America media and entertainment reseller, announced it has become a worldwide reseller for Signiant Inc., a market leader in intelligent file transfer software and its accelerated file transfer software, Media Shuttle. Used by more than 50,000 companies and a million users, Media Shuttle is […]

KOMODO-X is here!

Komodo-X is finally launched starting with limited-edition ST.   KOMODO-X™ is the next evolution in the KOMODO family, multiplying the frame rates, dynamic range, and usability of the original KOMODO to break new grounds.   NEXT GENERATION KOMODO® SENSOR KOMODO-X features the same sized 6K S35 Global Shutter sensor as the KOMODO, but with a ground up […]