Training &


Consulting services for the integral design of workflows, color management, and everything related to the implementation of any type of project for Film, TV and OTT.

Q & A Remote - Online

Personalized service to solve your most complex and precise doubts regarding our products. You can hire 3 hours dedicated to the topics that most need to be tuned within your team with our specialists. Workflow, deliveries, color science, color pipeline, etc.

Color Management

Learn how to design your color flow, such as applying different color systems (ACES, Colorfront Engine, 709, HDR, etc.) and thus simplify all the technical aspects of your projects, and focus more on the Creative Intent. How to work and fit this in the different steps of your project (On Set, On Line, VFX, Dailies, Grading).

Workflow Design

The workflow today is a very important part within the design of an audiovisual production, here we can advise you on how to go step by step within the development or if you wish we can give you the service of developing your workflow in the entire production and post pre- production process.


On-site and / or remote (OnLine) trainings, which are designed to learn, understand, and use all the software tools necessary to perform the post-production of a film, TV or OTT production, this includes all the stages (Pre , Production and Post). Certifications and diplomas are awarded to all the students registered in these trainings to validate their training.