On June 10th, Danilo Pontoriero and Tomas Lovera from NMF visited two of Florida’s most important cinema rental houses: Mar Media and Miami Camera Rentals.

To demonstrate the Revolutionary Raptor Scope FF and the Raptor Macro Lenses, all from IB/E Optics.

The Raptor Scope FF is a new full-frame scope for tabletop work that will do both S35 and FF options, all in the same compact body.

Its versatile design allows to use a PL, LPL, or other mounts to attach to the camera, as well as a Rear Booster to convert it to Super35 format increasing the F/ to 4.0. For the front lenses, it comes with a M-Mount system and we also offer other mount possibilities like PL, LPL, Canon EF, etc.


This Prototype was first introduced to Mario Deas CEO of MAR Media. We tested for a couple of hours not only with the native lenses that come in the kit but also with the Raptor Macro lenses.


Then we headed to Miami Camera Rentals and met with cinematographer Martin Ubilluz. Here we tested the Raptor Scope FF and the Raptor Macro lenses and discussed about their potential and use in the field.


Both rental houses own a Skater Scope so they realized how this Full-Frame option from IB/E Optics will be a game changer.


NMF thanks Mar Media and Miami Camera Rentals for their hospitality and collaboration during these visits. For more information about the Raptor Scope, please contact da****@na*****.com


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