NMF and RED Digital Cinema presented the first 2024 official REDUCATION at EFD facilities, led by Felipe Mozqueda from RED, Tomas Lovera from NMF, and Alex Guemes from HDLABS. We proceeded to set up cameras and computers for the presentation. The Komodo-X was on a crane, the V-Raptor 8K VV on a tripod, the V-Raptor X on a dolly, and the V-Raptor XL X on a tripod.

At the scheduled time, we began the official presentation. Isaac (HD LABS) was around, coordinating the floor and ensuring the schedule was followed. Danilo (NMF) gave the opening remarks to introduce the group of speakers and welcome the attendees. Heather (RED) provided an introduction, followed by Felipe and Alex who kicked off the session.

The day was a mix of theory and practice. Attendees were introduced to the new DSMC3 camera family from RED, covering their ergonomics, menus, and capabilities. We also discussed the history of RED, REDCODE, resolution, and the benefits of capturing in 8K.

On set, we conducted tests with talent, capturing +3 and -3 stops on each of the four cameras. This material was to be used in DaVinci Resolve the following day.

Friday was a success, with attendees eager for information, asking numerous questions, and showing great interest in the training. Saturday started with exciting news for the students: a robot from MRMC would be present. Jose Tamez (NMF) gave a session on color spaces, ACES, and the controls provided by RED’s codec, REDCODE. We reviewed the material recorded the previous day, discussing ISO, Output Tone Map, White Balance, Highlight Roll-Off, and more.

After lunch, we proceeded with EFD’s robotics team to set up the V-Raptor X for high-speed tests to capture liquids. It was an other success.

We conducted tests with Asteras in a disco-like environment to demonstrate the sensors’ capabilities under special lighting conditions. All capture exercises were supervised by master DIT Fernando Parra from Filmflow and viewed on a Sony HX310.

Once this exercise was completed, Alex and Felipe took the attendees outdoors within the company premises. Armed with two cameras, they conducted exposure tests and tried out the new Extended Highlights technology, among other features.

We thank the entire team, each student, EFD, NMF Team, and HDLABS for this successful event.

Photo credit: Janis Islas

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