NMF traveled to São Paulo to celebrate ABC Week 2024, which took place at Brazil’s National Cinematheque. 

Tomas Lovera traveled from the Miami office to bring the new V-Raptor X camera, which was used to showcase Phantom Track technology.

On the first day, along with our friends from Cream Source and Brazil RED NMF Ambassador, Director of Photography Diego Querzoli, we set up the V-Raptor X on the LED volume. The connection between the camera and the system via Genlock worked perfectly. The volume was running with Assimilate’s Live FX. Besides the screen, Vortex lamps were connected and reacted to the changes in hue and luminance in the various backgrounds they had prepared.

The camera, with its monitor on top, was connected via SDI to a Sony 2400. There, the magic of one person being recorded simultaneously with two different backgrounds could be seen. This amazed the attendees, who kept coming closer and asking nonstop what was happening.

Additionally, the V-Raptor X was taken to Full Cine’s stand, where it was exhibited with a 12mm Laowa lens.

On Wednesday night, the traditional NMF barbecue was held and we cooked for 120 people. It was a great success, taking place at Bucareste Film School facilities.

We also visited Casablanca Studios, where we saw one of the largest LED volumes in Latin America.

They were working with a Sony Venice, and we quickly demonstrated the capabilities of the V-Raptor X and its Global Shutter.

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