Bogota, October 19th. – We are excited to share with you a recap of the successful event that took place at the 14th edition Salon Internacional de la Luz in Bogota, Colombia. During this event, we had the privilege of showcasing the latest advancements in RED Digital Cinema cameras and Colorfront products. We believe you’ll be thrilled with the updates and offerings we presented. This annual event is dedicated to the art of cinematography and the creation of stunning images through the skillful use of light. From October 19th to 21st, 2023, Centro Atico hosted an exciting lineup of presentations and discussions by industry experts .

The Salon Internacional de la Luz provided the perfect backdrop for this event, allowing us to bring you the latest in cutting-edge technology in the field of digital cinema. It was an excellent platform for networking and connecting with industry professionals, fellow cinematographers, and experts in the field.

Our team unveiled the most recent additions to RED Digital Cinema camera lineup. These state-of-the-art cameras have set new industry standards for image quality and cinematography. Whether you’re a filmmaker, cinematographer, or camera enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience these cameras in action.

In addition to the RED cameras, we also showcased Colorfront’s latest products and solutions. These innovative tools for color grading and mastering are designed to enhance your post-production workflows and ensure the highest quality results for your projects.

Our event featured live demonstrations of both RED cameras and Colorfront products. This allowed attendees to witness the incredible capabilities of these technologies and gain a deeper understanding of their potential applications.

Our participation at the event was divided in two main presentations. On Wednesday the 20th, “Colorfront: Postproduction Workflows” by Sebastian Bueno (Colombian Post-Producer), courtesy of NMF and FILM FLOW. Next day, the 21st, “RED V-Raptor XL Camera” with an ADFC Panel of cinematographers, featuring the screening of recorded footage from the International Festival cinema of Cartagena de Indias. It was presented by Lucas Cristo, RED, and NMF.

The Salon Internacional de la Luz 2023 concluded on a high note with our beloved tradition — The NMF Asado — held at our partner’s, FilmFlow building. It was such a packed gathering of SIL participants, speakers and attendees making it a fun-filled night of camaraderie, networking and celebration.

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