DZOFilm is a brand that has achieved in a relatively short time a big win for the Film industry. The company has developed a wide variety of Cinema Lenses at an affordable price, making real the dreams of the new generation of filmmakers.


From MFT to Super35, Vista Vision and Full Frame formats, spherical and anamorphic lenses, and blue or neutral flare coatings. A variety of zooms including the Tango, Pictor, Catta, and Linglung.

The industry-known and loved VESPID primes, the ultra-close focusing GNOSIS, and the incredibly light 2X Anamorphic lens series: PAVO. What’s more, the brand has created a special lineup that combines the vintage Gold Coating look with a solid anodized aluminum feel, the VESPID Retro Lenses.

DZOFilm lenses

PAVO Anamorphic Lenses

The PAVO series comprises 28mm to 100mm focal lengths with a 2X compression ratio and Dual Flare (PL / EF)

GNOSIS VV Macro Lenses

Full Frame format with ultra-close focusing distance of 0.155m (PL / EF / LPL)

TANGO Zoom Lenses

The Tango Lineup covers from 18mm to 280mm at Super35 format (PL / EF)

CATTA Ace Zoom Lenses

Full Frame coverage with three focal lenghts: 18-35mm, 35-80mm and 70-135mm (PL / EF)

PICTOR Zoom Lenses

Super 35 Parfocal Zoom lenses with  12-25mm, 14-30mm, 25-55mm and 50-125mm focal lenghts (PL / EF)

VESPID Prime Lenses

VESPID series comprises FF 12mm to 100mm (PL / EF)


Vespid Cyber series covers FF 35, 50 and 75mm with focusing and aperture data transmission (PL / EF)


The Vespid Retro Full Frame series is 16mm to 125mm (PL / EF) on a Golden unconventional coating